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Active Celo Programs

The active programs accelerating creators and developers in the Celo ecosystem.


The first Retroactive Public Goods Funding round on Celo will distribute 250,000 CELO to builders in three categories. Applications are open now.

ReFi: Projects that enable real-world impact and ecological benefits.

dApps and Infra: Celo dApps and infrastructure that directly impact Celo users.

Community and Adoption: Non-software projects that help propel Celo forward.

Climate Round

​Celo Public Goods and the Climate Collective have committed 50,000 cUSD matching to Celo projects participating in the Climate Solutions Round hosted by the Climate Coordination Network (CCN) during Gitcoin Grants 20.

Any Climate and ReFi project developing on Celo will be eligible for the Celo matching in addition to their share of the existing $250,000 in the round.

Applications are open now.


Projects contributing to the Celo Ecosystem can apply for a Prezenti Grant.

Micro: Early stage projects and ecosystem contributors with up to $2,000 cUSD.

Pilot: Early Stage, Open Source Pilot Projects with up to $10,000 cUSD.

Growth: Mature Celo projects, supporting mainnet launches and expansion with up to $25,000 cUSD.


Founders and teams building on Celo get priority access to various incubators and learning programs, such as Celo Camp, a Celo-native incubator. The following Celo Camp programs are live now.

MiniPay Launchpad: An 8-week virtual accelerator and mentorship program for teams building on MiniPay.

Startup Pathway: A self-guided educational program for founders and builders in the Celo ecosystem.

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