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GIV-Earth Round on Celo with USDGLO matching

CeloPG is excited to collaborate with Giveth and support the Giv-Earth round.

GIV-Earth Round on Celo with USDGLO matching

The Giv-Earth round is the first environment-focused quadratic funding round on Giveth – a Crypto donations platform that rewards donors for giving to verified public goods projects. Having facilitated nearly $3M worth of donations from over 15,000 givers, Giveth has become a leading platform for crypto-native giving.

CeloPG is excited to collaborate with Giveth and support the Giv-Earth round. It will contribute to a matching pool of over $30k USDGLO deployed on Celo. Applications are already open and are being reviewed on a rolling basis!

Important Program Info

USDGLO Rewards for Projects
The matching currency that will be distributed to Giv-Earth projects is USDGLO by Glo Dollar–  a stablecoin that funds Public Goods simply by holding it. Glo Dollar has gained significant early traction on Celo, with over $160,000 USDGLO in the network and allowing protocol rewards to be sent directly to the CeloPG Multi-sig to further accelerate Celo Public Goods!

Earn $REGEN by donating to projects
In addition to supporting environmental innovation, the Giv-Earth program allows Celo donors to earn $REGEN, a Crypto for good meme token that recognizes and rewards Regenerative on-chain activities. $REGEN will be distributed to all addresses that donate to verified Giveth projects and meet the minimum donation threshold!

A regenerative digital economy for all
Celo’s mission is to build a regenerative digital economy that creates conditions of prosperity for all. Creating collective wealth and supporting all builders equitably is integral to the Celo vision.

If you’re interested in helping shape the regenerative digital economy, consider this your invitation to become part of the Celo ecosystem. CeloPG will ensure your contributions will be acknowledged and rewarded.

For any questions or inquiries, please email stewards@celopg.eco.

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